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Vibration isolation for construction and industry

Why vibration isolation?

Industry, transport and housing development are becoming increasingly closer. The vicinity results in impairments due to sound and vibrations.

Which problems occur?

Without appropriate measures, buildings, the people who live in them, machines and machine foundations or sensitive components are defenceless against vibrations from the immediate surroundings. Unwanted or impermissibly strong vibrations can also occur in buildings or industrial plant. Secondary airborne noise also increases, since structural elements such as ceilings or walls are also stimulated.


PURASYS vibrafoam:
PURASYS offers effective protection against vibration and shock. PURASYS vibrafoam. This high-tech PUR elastomer can be placed as an isolating, area mat between the structural components, as cut sections matching the relative structural component geometry, and also as a tailor-made moulded part. We can offer you a wide program of 13 standard materials and the facilities for the production of special types in various colours and thicknesses according to your requirements.

PURASYS vibradyn:
Elastic bearings of buildings, whose foundations come into contact with groundwater, are particularly problematic and can only be realized with special elastomers. KRAIBURG PuraSys now offers an alternative to the few available products on the market from other manufacturers. PURASYS vibradyn was specifically developed for such high demands.

PURASYS vibradyn, the closed-cell PUR product for highly effective vibration isolation, can be used in application areas such as building isolation, including in groundwater – in a static load range from 0.075 – 1.5 N/mm². PURASYS vibradyn has nearly no damping effect, and functions like a technical spring. It is ideal for use in situations where vibration isolation is subject to stringent dynamic specifications.

PURASYS vibradyn HL:
However, there are problems when high weights are acting on a small area and there is no possibility of reducing the load by constructive changes. These include e. g. heavy machinery or point bearings in the form of supports like in buildings.

For such cases with increased requirements, KRAIBURG PuraSys offers the two newly developed bearings vibradyn HL 3000 and HL 6000. They can take loads of up to 3.0 N/mm² or 6.0 N/mm². Due to their high density, the two new developments stand out clearly from the previous products. The already known color differentiation of the individual types of our vibrafoam/vibradyn series prevents material mix-ups during installation. Such highly resilient bearings make it possible to isolate e. g. individual floors, which rest on supports instead of a whole building. This allows considerable material savings, so that –in connection with the simple processing– not only costs, but also time can be saved.

Our team of experienced technicians will support you or will draw up individual solutions after detailed analysis.

Our online calculator is also available for an initial orientation towards your project. If you do not yet have access data, please request them without any obligation via email to info@kraiburg-purasys.com.

Facilities for receptor and source isolation

In vibration technology, a difference is made between receptor and source isolation. As a basic principle measures may be carried out on the interference source (rail operations, industrial plant), for example through the use of mass-spring systems, ballast mats or using isolating machine foundations. Isolating of vibrations can also be achieved at the receptor (buildings next to the railway, precision machines in industrial operations), for example through the use of building suspension or specific isolation of certain areas or levels in the building, and through machine foundations. Source isolation is generally much more efficient but cannot always be carried out retrospectively. We can therefore offer you effective and economic solutions for vibration isolation at the receptor.

Benefits of vibration isolation

  • For buildings: reliable vibration protection of the building or building section from external interference sources and their vibrations (also footfall sound isolation), increase of building market value, improve quality of life and work and future-proof solutions for the expected increasing demands on comfort
  • For machines: isolation against disruptive machine vibrations, higher precision performance, less wear, longer machine service life, better working conditions
  • For machines and industrial components: the benefits can be extensive: for example, units or components can run more quietly, can produce with less wear and, at the same time, can become more long-lasting and resistant against chemicals and oils. PURASYS vibrafoam can be useful as a high quality seal or as a structural component tolerance compensator with extremely high resilience.
  • For railway lines: Our products provide more elasticity in railway infrastructure. This results in a longer lifespan for the railway routes, reduction of maintenance costs, less wear, higher track position stability and more comfort for passengers and residents.

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