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Moulded parts for industry

Moulded parts for a wide range of applications

We can support you in the technical implementation of your ideas. Our specialists can advise you specifically and in a solution-oriented way, and, with you, can develop elements made of PUR which do not fail to impress in terms of design, function and long life. Interested? Then feel free to contact us.

PuraSys moulded parts impress:

  • as an single shape made of PUR or complex, non-foamed modules with a stable core, for example made of aluminium, steel or laminated wood
  • using individual shapes and ergonomic design
  • at any degree of hardness within a range of 30 ± 5 to 65 ± 5 Shore A
  • through colours to your requirements
  • through needs-based production

Ergonomically designed: decorative moulded parts, functionality, high-quality appearance and a comfortable, soft feel means that Dipointegral is a modern material for the production of high-quality interiors. Designers are thrilled by the fact that the integral foam technology hardly has any restrictions in terms of moulding shape. A huge range of free space for tailor-made design solutions is available with regard to geometry, surfaces and colour.

Dipointegral has been successfully used for many years especially in office furniture, for example for armrests or cushioning in a range of forms and versions. Orthopaedic aids for workplaces with monitors and details such as drawer fronts for desks are also included in our program.

Application examples

  • Rehabilitation, health and leisure sector
  • Furniture production
  • Power tools and mechanical engineering