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Knee cushions – Sanitas Knee Care

Sanitas Knee Care is an anatomically formed knee cushion for highly sensitive knee joints and, therefore, an indispensable addition to all kneeling activities in crafts, during production, in trade or service provision. The anatomical knee cushion made of PUR provides effective protection against early wear.

The knee joints react highly sensitively to incorrect loading and high strain: frequent working in a kneeling position leads to pain, injuries and chronic health problems. With Sanitas Knee Care, knee shells in anatomical design with additional, comfortable knee padding, ensure optimum pressure distribution of the body weight, relief for the lower legs through “supported kneeling” and a significant reduction in pressure on the knee joints. The cushoning and flexible material adapts to individual body conditions and, in addition, is anti-slip, extremely resistant, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Optimum knee protection

  • Sitting on the heels and crouching results in maximum elongation and pressure load in the knee joint and can be reduced with the knee cushions.
  • Optimum pressure distribution of the body weight
  • Relief for the lower leg through “supported kneeling”; pressure on the knee joint is reduced
  • Shock-absorbing and damping due to flexible PUR integral foam
  • Directly counteracts point loading directly on the kneecap
  • Long-lasting and easy to care for
  • Compensation for irritating floor unevenness
  • Ergonomic yielding of specially developed PUR foam system for optimal adaptation to individual body features
  • Practical handle shape for easy transport
  • Additional, comfortable knee bed cushioning