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Ergonomic, elastic working mats

Elastic floor mats – dynomicSTEP

Our versatile dynomicSTEP floor mats form a well-engineered floor system which reduces the strain on the body caused by hard flooring during everyday work thanks to the enclosed gas volumes.

Long periods of standing, movement and work on hard, non-elastic flooring can result in lasting health damage. Floor mats on concrete or screed flooring have a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. dynomicSTEP provides protection against varicose veins, vein inflammation and signs of wear on joints and the spine.

Floor mats for relieving the musculoskeletal system

The dynomicSTEP floor mat system made of permanently elastic PUR integral foam reduces the pressure exerted by hard flooring and provides safety in the workplace, during sport and leisure time as a non-slip floor covering. The Munich Institute of Ergonomics has investigated and proven the strain-reducing effect. The effective damping acts demonstrably against fatigue and ensures motivation and performance.

All these benefits can play their part in reducing your employees’ absence rates and therefore helps to save the company‘s most important resource – the people.

Whenever possible: dynomicSTEP

dynomicSTEP enables precise furnishing: small areas are fitted with your choice out of standard mats and an endless link system has been designed for laying larger areas. Interlocking teeth on the sides enable the individual mats to be safely connected to each other over large areas or as walkways, and also separated later on without problems and relaid. The floor covering has an insulating, shock-absorbing and sound-insulating effect. The highly resistant material also allows use in production and warehouse areas where people stand or walk.

In addition we offer you the option of customising your mats using your own company logo.

dynomicSTEP – the perfect furnishing for standing workplaces:

Scientifically proven ergonomic effectiveness: Reduction of strain on the body and joints by 60% (expert report published by the Munich Institute of Ergonomics)

  • Preventive effects against cramps and circulatory problems
  • Reduces signs of fatigue in feet, legs and back by dynamic muscle stimulation
  • Preventive against degenerative changes to the joints in the feet, knees, spine and hips
  • Permanently elastic floor covering (even after many years) thanks to the use of cellular PUR core
  • Resistant to oils, solvents, benzine, greases and many chemicals.
  • Easy to clean
  • Insulates against cold, heat, footfall sound and is shock-absorbent
  • Reduces danger of tripping through the use of bevelled edges
  • Can be used in many sectors thanks to a wide range of variations: standard, antistatic
  • Linking of endless walkways possible thanks to link system
  • Available with round and flat pastilles
  • available colours: light grey (RAL 7038), dark grey (RAL 7012), anthracite (RAL 7016), blue (RAL 5012) and
    green (RAL 6018), ESD-version available in black. Other colours for large quantities upon request

dynomicSTEP ESD – workplace mats for ESD areas

To complete our product range, we also offer workplace mats for ESD areas. The electrical resistivity is <108 Ohm according to DIN EN 61340-4-1 (2016).

If you are considering a specially made mat for differentiation within the market, we would be pleased to produce this for you and can provide you with a complete offer including procurement of the necessary tools. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

dynomicSTEP floor mats – certified safety and quality

Like all our moulded elements, also our floor mats are characterized by exact colour matching, a custom fit and long lasting quality. Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 is the guarantee for use of a quality management system in all operations within our company.

dynomicSTEP Development

Besides our permanently flexible products (resistant to oils, solvents, benzine, greases and many chemicals) and our ESD version (additionally anti-static), we will also offer products (flame-retardant according DIN 4102/B1 and cleanroom-suitable according EN ISO-14644-1, ISO class 2) for sensitive working environments in the future.
These innovations are in the process of development and the associated portfolio enhancement will significantly expand the possibillities of application of our high-quality products.
We would be glad to keep you up to date on developments and on the availability of upcoming innovations.

dynomicSTEP Quality guarantee

Our worktops and floor mats are made of high-quality raw materials and by using state-of-the-art production techniques and production processes. Together with the extensive quality assurance measures which we have developed, we are able to offer products of the highest level of precision and quality. That is why we give our products a quality guarantee of 2 years.
The warranty conditions can be viewed on our website.

dynomicSTEP product overview

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