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Gent Belgien

Gent, Belgium, 2007

Construction Mass Spring System Length 1,360 m Characteristics Vibration Isolation Installation 2007 City Gent Country Belgium Deutsches Baublatt No. 334, January/February 2008 The secret of polyurethane foams How small air bubbles absorb vibrations – a contribution by Kristina Pfeil DIEPHOLZ. The worlds of work and life are moving together closer and closer. The coexistence of…
Esfahan Metro Line

Esfahan Metro Line, Iran, 2015

Mass-Spring-System with PURASYS MSS P 2023 Project description Products MSS P 2023 Construction Mass Spring System Thickness 23 mm Quantity 38,000 m² Characteristics Vibration Isolation Installation 2011 City Esfahan Country Iran Esfahan has a population of 1.8 Million people and is the capital of Esfahan Province in Iran, located about 340 km south of Tehran.…
Beijing Metro

Metro Linie 6 Depot, Beijing , China

Mass-Spring-System mit PURASYS MSS P/PN 1. Project Beijing Metro Line 6 is an important line in the Beijing Metro network connecting the eastern and western cities. As part of the construction phase II of line 6, the Dongxiaoying depot section will be rebuilt and expanded. In order to adapt to the economic development of the…

Viadukt Semmering, Kartnerkogel, Austria

Mass-spring system with PURASYS MSS P/PN 1. Projekt Track Vienna central station – Graz Hbf (ÖBB) Track number (ÖBB): 105 01 Bridge structure: Kartnerkogel (Wolfsbergkogel) Partial renovation of the 160-year-old protected as a historic railway The Semmering Railway was the first standard gauge mountain railway in Europe and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.…
Case Studies Platzhalter

Shiraz Metro Line, Iran, 2012

Products DAMTEC® MSS P MSS P 2023 Construction Mass Spring System Thickness 23 mm Quantity 7,000 m² Characteristics Vibration Isolation Installation 2012 City Shiraz Country Iran The metro Line 1 in Shiraz is 24 km long and has 20 stations. DAMTEC® MSS P 2023 was installed on 7,000 m². The ZANDIEH Complex in Shiraz is…