PuraSys vibrafoam Typenreihe

New product series: “PURASYS vibrafoam SD” (formerly Dipoelast)

PURASYS vibrafoam SD is used for highly efficient vibration isolation and for protection against vibration, for example

  • for machine bearings,
  • for protecting buildings against vibration alongside railway lines,
  • for insulating building sections (e.g. air conditioning units, fitness centre floors, bowling alleys, hospital operating theatres, side isolation of a building),
  • for high-quality footfall sound isolation

The new features:

  • 13 types – they provide complete coverage over the static load range of 0.01 – 1.9 N/mm² and their data sheets
  • The colours to avoid mix-ups
  • The names:
    • SD (stands for spring / damper, these are the main properties of this PUR material)
    • The number stands for the relevant static load limit

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