Zurich, Switzerland, 2016

Vibration Isolation of a new building in Switzerland

Products PuraSys vibrafoam
Characteristics Schwingungsisolierung
Installation 2016
City Zürich
Country Schweiz
Construction Stahlbetontragwerk
Date built 2015
Architect huggenbergerfries Architekten AG
Structural dynamics Ziegler Consultants

Mehrfamilienhaus Zürich

Picture: Installation of side mats for acoustic isolation

Project description

In Zürich-Wollishofen an apartment building was built right next to a railway line. The specialists for such complicated situations from the Acousitician department Ziegler Consultans made a prognoses and came to the conclusion that the building must have a high performance vibration isolation material to meet the legal limits of acoustic isolation and sound emissions.
Based on this research a PuraSys vibrafoam full surface installation was planned and installed. The whole building and also the walls are in contact with the ground. Therefore it was necessary to install different PuraSys vibrafoam types for the different loads.

The following aspects of the bearing have been special challenges:

  • low natrual frequnecy of the system: 12 Hz
  • Complex building geometry
  • Parts of the installed PuraSys vibrafoam are permanently located in the groundwater after completion

Technical details

The delivery included 700 m² of different PuraSys vibrafoam types with a thickness of 25 mm.
Besides technical support, the installation is also part of the whole service. Due to the complex building geometry with many diagonal areas and different installed PuraSys vibrafoam types in different levels (some are located in groundwater), a particularly careful bearing was neccessary. Furthermore the whole installation of acoustic isolation mats PuraSys vibrafoam was attended by quality assurance measures.

Uster, Schweiz, 2015
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