Viadukt Semmering, Kartnerkogel, Austria

Mass-spring system with PURASYS MSS P/PN

1. Projekt

Track Vienna central station – Graz Hbf (ÖBB)
Track number (ÖBB): 105 01
Bridge structure: Kartnerkogel (Wolfsbergkogel)

  • Partial renovation of the 160-year-old protected as a historic railway
  • The Semmering Railway was the first standard gauge mountain railway in Europe and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.
  • Renewal of about ten kilometers of track and the associated switches. At the sim-ultaneously, the Kartnerkogel Viaduct is being renovated and brought up to the latest technical standard.
  • Today, the Semmering Railway is still considered a milestone in the history of rail-ways. Around 180 trains travel over the challenging mountain range every day.
  • In addition, the high traffic volume and seasonal temperature changes have affect-ed the historical track route, so that it must be extensively renovated.

2. Installation

Kartnerkogel Verlegung

The elastic components in the mass spring system PURASYS MSS P/PN was installed according to the instructions of PURASYS GmbH & Co. KG. In addition, we recommend spot gluing the mat to the ground due to regionally strong winds. As with any other project, a laying plan is prepared in advance by PURASYS GmbH & Co. KG. This makes it easier for the installation team to lay the ballast mat and avoid errors during installation.

Installation procedure:

1. Cleaning the surface to be laid

2. Distribute the 2K-PU adhesive according to the following specifications:
Adhesive horizontal surfaces: 12 kg package (10 kg Körapur 672 + 2 x 1 kg Köracur TH650) for spot bonding

3. Laying the MSS P/PN products

  • The transition area at the beginning and end of the bridge
    were each laid with 5m of building edge with the product
    PURASYS MSS P 4025.
  • PURASYS MSS P 3625 was installed in the main area.
    The main area was thus covered with a mat with minimal
  • The heavily used concrete brake elements were laid using the
    product PURASYS MSS PN 3225 to dampen shear forces of the
    MSS plate.

4. The mat impacts were glued with a 10cm wide fabric Adhesive
tape AT 169. This tape prevents the inflow from concrete /
concrete milk into the mats joints.

Kartnerkogel Laying
Kartnerkogel Laying

3. Technical data

Bearing for mass-spring system
Type PURASYS MSS PN 3225, MSS P 4025, MSS P 3625
Strength 25 mm
System Full-surface installation on viaduct

Mass-spring system with crushed stone in concrete trough as MSS

Amount 450 m²
Track Vienna Main Station – Graz Main Station (ÖBB)
Viaduct Kartner Kogel km 102,20
Track category A/D4
Designed speed 250 km/h
Maximum axle loads 16 t / 22,5 t
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