Uster, Schweiz, 2015

Replacement construction apartment house

Products PuraSys vibrafoam
Characteristics Acoustic Isolation
Installation 2015
Stadt Uster
Land Switzerland
Construction project high-rise
Construction wooden construction
Year of construction 2015
Builder Primarschulpflege Uster
Acoustician Mühlebach Partner AG

Project description

In Niederuster a school pavillon was built as a wooden construction with two floors and enough space for 8 classrooms.
The best soltuion was, that the building will be isoluated by point bearings with PuraSys vibrafaom inbtween both levels due to the regulations in Switzerland.
PuraSys vibrafaom fits very well because the properties of the PuraSys vibrafaom and the very thin thickness of the PuraSys vibrafaom. The technical support and the calulation were carried out by the PuraSys technical team.

Supplied products

PuraSys supplied point-like support from PuraSys vibrafoam with a thickness of 25 mm for the elastic isolation of the storey ceiling.

In order to realise a natural frequency of the system
f0 ≤ 15 Hz and an almost identical deflection on all point bearings, it was neccessary to use three different PuraSys vibrafoam types. They are suitable for continuous loads of 0.40 to 1.20 N/mm².
The installation of the point-like support was implemented by the timber construction company based on the installation plan of KRAIBURG PuraSys.


Detailed picture of PuraSys vibrafoam type in use


Isolation of the two floors of the school pavillon with PuraSys vibrafoam point-like support

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