Metro Linie 6 Depot, Beijing , China

Mass-Spring-System mit PURASYS MSS P/PN

1. Project

  • Beijing Metro Line 6 is an important line in the Beijing Metro network connecting the eastern and western cities.
  • As part of the construction phase II of line 6, the Dongxiaoying depot section will be rebuilt and expanded.
  • In order to adapt to the economic development of the surrounding Tongzhou district, a new construction project is planned. Several 6 to 10 storey residential buildings are being built directly above the station concourse.
  • These residential buildings must be protected against vibrations during train entry and exit. This requires insulation measures. After evaluation of the external consultant, MFS must be used for the interior of the station.
  • The minimum vibration insulation requirement is 9 dB (according to Chinese standard). According to the design, the set natural frequency is 16 Hz. Converted according to Chinese standards, the insertion loss is 12 dB.

2. Installation

Beijing Metro

The elastic components in the Mass-Spring-System PURASYS MSS P were installed according to the installation instructions of PuraSys GmbH & Co. KG. In addition, punctual bonding of the mat to the substrate is desired for better adhesion.
As with any other project, an installation plan is developed by PuraSys GmbH & Co. KG in advance. This makes it easier for the installation team to install the MSS and avoids errors during installation.

Installation procedure:

1. Cleaning the surface to be laid

2. Distributing the 2K-PU adhesive

3. Laying of MSS P products

  • In the depot area PURASYS MSS P 2028 floor mat was installed. Subsequently, the slab track was concreted.
  • After the roadway had dried out, the side mat was glued to both sides of the paved roadway.
  • The side walls of the concrete trough were concreted on the outside of the side mat at the end.

4. The mat joints were glued with a 10cm wide geotextile adhesive tape. This tape prevents the penetration of concrete / concrete milk into the mat joints.

Beijing Metro
Beijing Metro

3. Technical Data

Bearing for Mass-Spring-System
Width 28 mm
System Full-surface installation in slab track
Amount 25.000 m²
Beijing Metro Linie 6
Dongxiaoying Depot
Track class N.A.
Max. Speed 20 km/h
Max. Axle loads 7 t
Esfahan Metro Line
Esfahan Metro Line, Iran, 2015
Viadukt Semmering, Kartnerkogel, Austria