Maybachstraße 20-24, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2017

Elastic building support

The building project

In Frankfurt am Main, ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING erected a four-storey building that combines residential and usable space and thus contributes to local supply in the surrounding area. Parking spaces are available below the supermarket on the ground floor and high-quality apartments have been built on the upper floors. It was not only important to make some of the apartments barrier-free, but also to keep the noise of the directly adjacent railway line as low as possible. This was taken into account both by the floor plan of the apartments and by additional measures. One component is the elastic bearing of the entire building.

Elastic support with polyurethane

For vibration isolation, KRAIBURG PuraSys GmbH & Co. KG has been offering polyurethane products for many years, which are used in the railway and construction sectors. For the construction project, a full-surface bearing under the baseplate was used, which is completed by additional lateral isolation on the side facing the track. The PURASYS vibrafoam product range, which is used here, consists of 13 standard types which have been developed for different loads. Together with KRAIBURG PuraSys application technology, a laying plan for the construction project was drawn up. For this purpose, the base and side pressures calculated by the structural engineer were used. A special feature of the project was the specific low tuning frequency. KRAIBURG PuraSys has developed a special type specially adapted to the project for this purpose. Thanks to our own flexible development possibilities, materials with project-related properties can be developed as required.

The installation

For the project, a total area of more than 1500 m² was laid out with 75 mm thick KRAIBURG vibrafoam mats. The installation was carried out on a cleanliness layer. The floor plate was then poured onto the mats, which had previously been covered with foil. The design was carried out according to the plan previously drawn up by KRAIBURG PuraSys. In combination with the different colours of the types used and the respective marking of the mats, this was therefore easily possible despite the complex floor plan of the building.
The vibration isolation of the base plate was supplemented by side wall isolation. The mats are fixed to the basement walls with glue. After filling, these are additionally fixed by the pressure of the surrounding soil.


The result

The elastic bearing is able to effectively dampen vibrations caused by the surrounding railway systems. Thus it contributes significantly to a pleasant quality of living. The solution developed by KRAIBURG PuraSys on the basis of the static building data could be installed within a few days and now acts as efficient vibration insulation and thus increases the building value.

About KRAIBURG PuraSys

The KRAIBURG PuraSys GmbH & Co. KG at the Diepholz location is part of KRAIBURG Holding, based in Waldkraiburg in Upper Bavaria. Polyurethane products for vibration isolation have been manufactured in Diepholz for more than 15 years. The application technology and research department support the customer in developing optimal solutions and can also react to new and complex problems through customer-oriented development.

Maybachstraße Laying


Product PURASYS vibrafoam Installation location Frankfurt/Main
Utilization Mixed use (commercial and residential) Country Germany
Characteristics Vibration insulation near a railway line Builder ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING
Installation Spring 2017 Vibration assessment Fritz GmbH-Beratende Ingenieure VBI
Mechanische Presse
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