HL Lager vibradyn

New: vibradyn HL

However, there are problems when high weights are acting on a small area and there is no possibility of reducing the load by constructive changes. These include e. g. heavy machinery or point bearings in the form of supports like in buildings.

For such cases with increased requirements, KRAIBURG PuraSys offers the two newly developed bearings vibradyn HL 3000 and HL 6000. They can take loads of up to 3.0 N/mm² or 6.0 N/mm². Due to their high density, the two new developments stand out clearly from the previous products. The already known color differentiation of the individual types of our vibrafoam/vibradyn series prevents material mix-ups during installation. Such highly resilient bearings make it possible to isolate e. g. individual floors, which rest on supports instead of a whole building. This allows considerable material savings, so that –in connection with the simple processing– not only costs, but also time can be saved.

Our team of experienced technicians will support you or will draw up individual solutions after detailed analysis.

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