Dipointegral – a versatile material

Our proven polyurethane foam system Dipointegral is manufactured from the basic raw materials of polyol and isocyanate (MDI) with the use of a CFC-free propellant. Further components such as stabilisers and other auxiliary materials are used to modify the properties of the final product and provide a wide range of adjustment options. The Dipointegral material can be categorised as semi-hard, mixed-cell polyurethane. Thanks to the formulation we use in-house we are very flexible in adapting the systems, and this allows us to react very quickly to a range of customer requirements. For our quality products, we only use selected raw materials from well-known manufacturers who comply with our high standards.

Thanks to its wide spectrum, Dipointegral can be used for a wide range of applications. This includes sectors such as the automotive industry, the construction industry, rail construction and sectors such as rehabilitation and sport in addition to floor coverings for workplaces or sports facilities. Our foam systems comply with specifications issued by REACH and RoHS.

We do not use any plasticisers due to the strict guidelines on environmental protection and sustainability within our company.