Vibration insulation for construction & industry

vibradyn Neuentwicklung

New developed: PuraSys vibradyn

Elastic bearings of buildings, whose foundations come into contact with groundwater, are particularly problematic and can only be realized with special elastomers. KRAIBURG PuraSys now offers an alternative to the few available products on the market from other manufacturers. PURASYS vibradyn was specifically developed for such high demands. PURASYS vibradyn, the closed-cell PUR product for highly effective vibration…
PuraSys vibrafoam Typenreihe

New product series: “PURASYS vibrafoam SD” (formerly Dipoelast)

PURASYS vibrafoam SD is used for highly efficient vibration isolation and for protection against vibration, for example for machine bearings, for protecting buildings against vibration alongside railway lines, for insulating building sections (e.g. air conditioning units, fitness centre floors, bowling alleys, hospital operating theatres, side isolation of a building), for high-quality footfall sound isolation The new features: 13…